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How do I delete several items at once?

This article describes how to delete multiple print files and/or documents at once.

Warning:  Deleting documents will make them unavailable for future ordering or reordering.

To Delete Multiple Files:

1.  From your library, use the folder tree to locate the folder containing items you want to delete and click to select it.  Select the items you want to delete by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the item names.  The items you selected are highlighted in blue.

10-26-2011 2-51-32 pm.png

2.  Click the Delete icon in the action icon bar at the top of the screen.

3.  The Delete Folder Items form appears on the right, with a warning about the consequences of deleting the files and/or documents you have selected. This may affect previous documents, printfiles, and/or Marketplace products.

10-26-2011 2-52-41 pm2.png
  • Click Yes, Delete to delete the selected items.
  • Click Cancel to exit without deleting.

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